Set your event Free


Freetail Productions provides Dj/Emcee services for weddings and private events all over Central Texas. Our service is an all inclusive package with everything you will need for your big day. 

For your Ceremony:

 We will set up our sound system discreetly at the location of your ceremony, providing soft music as your guests arrived, setting the tone for the occasion. Next, we will play all the entrance music for each section of your wedding party. All music is chosen by you to make this day extra special and memorable. We will also provide a wireless lapel mic for your officiant so all of your guests can hear every word of the readings you have prepared. 


For your Rehearsal:

 To ensure perfect timing we will make an appearance at your rehearsal. We are perfectionists, we like to know all elements of your ceremony and be there to practice with you and your wedding coordinator. Our goal is to relieve any stress you may have about the ceremony so you can focus on the most important role, being the bride! 


For your Reception:

 After your ceremony, we will move our system into the reception area. This move usually takes about 10 minutes, depending on the distance between your ceremony and reception locations. Once the move is completed we will provide soft music during your cocktail hour/dinner to keep your guests entertained while you take care of last minute pictures, or anything you have lined up that may need a few moments. When you are ready to join the reception I will introduce you and your party anyway you like. Based on a consultation we will have before your wedding, we will determine the exact order and style you would like to be introduced. Also discussed in the consultation is the specific music that is special to your relationship. From formal dances (First Dance, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son), to the music you would like to dance to all night! As far as the dance music goes, you can give exact direction, or provide us with a guideline of about 20 songs, and we will fill in the blanks. We will also take care of any other announcements you may need. We will also provide a wireless microphone for your party's speeches and toasts. 


Special Services: 

  We are also prepared to handle any sound system needs you may have. If you have any type of performer during your ceremony or reception, we will handle all the microphones or other equipment needed.


As a member of the Dripping Springs Chamber of Commerce we can also connect you with other amazing vendors you may still be in search of. We are a very tight nit group that loves to provide our clients with the best of the best!

Please contact us at for pricing details, and any other questions you may have!